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The Beautiful Faces of the Vogue Challenge (and anime characters and cats?)

I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised. It is on the Internet, which loves memes and cats.

People responded to the #VogueChallenge in droves and some of the results are astounding and breathtaking. But did some of the entries subtract a bit from the movement's intent?


Home Art and Design The Beautiful Faces of the Vogue Challenge (and anime characters and cats?)

The Vogue Challenge started on TikTok earlier this month. From there, of course, it spread to other social media platforms.

Vogue Magazine has, over its history, had a startling lack of diversity and the challenge was simple: to show faces on the cover of Vogue that they haven’t represented, and to support Black Lives Matter. People worldwide submitted their faces on “magazine” covers with Vogue’s logo. Many of the results were stunning and very professional. Even in the more “homemade” looking ones, it was good to see the wide variety of faces gracing “Vogue.”

However, amid the sea of diverse faces, other faces started to appear: dogs, cats, and a significant number of anime characters. Even Cookie Monster made an appearance.

While JoJo, Cookie Monster, Rover, and Fluffy are not the traditional white models that Vogue features on its cover, they also don’t represent actual human ethnic diversity, which, I think, was the point of this movement. Is adding them here just a fun exercise, or does it somehow distract from the intent of the Vogue Challenge?

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