Terms and Conditions

We require user registration to add content such as posts or recipes, membership comes with other “perks” such as being able to keep track of trivia quizzes you’ve completed and badges you’ve earned for them, recipes you’ve put in your recipe box, bookmarks of website content, and the ability to customize your avatar and profile.

It also comes with responsibility. You can choose to “friend” or follow other members, send messages, form groups and the like. But we ask that you follow some rules to keep it nice and acknowledge some possible privacy issues. By creating a member account I agree:

  • That I have had the opportunity to look at the privacy policy and understand that some aspects of this website set cookies in my browser that allows it to function.
  • That I understand by registering for an account and choosing to make my profile show in the member directory, I am choosing to disclose some personal information.
  • I agree to play nice on this website. While it’s OK to respectfully debate when you don’t agree with an idea, flaming, trolling, abusive language, hateful speech, and the like will not be tolerated. If I engage in behavior such as this, I may be warned and/or banned, particularly if we receive ongoing flags about such comments.
  • I will not use this system to advertise to other registered members. I will not spam them with ads or abuse the messaging system for marketing purposes.
  • I agree that I am over 13 years of age, at least.
  • I agree not to post adult content or photos, either as a post or to my profile. I will also not submit posts or add photos that condone hateful speech or acts.
  • I understand that I can delete my member profile and its data at any time from my account, however, posts and recipes I have submitted may remain on the site and not be deleted along with my data.
  • I understand that if I sign up for email newsletters and subsequently delete my user account here, it does not mean I will automatically be unsubscribed from the email newsletter. However, you can do that at any time from a link in any email newsletter you might receive.
  • We currently do not have a shop. In the event we do start selling either physical or digital products on our website, your member account may be linked with a store account. However, if that happens, we will not automatically send you shop-related emails (except an initial one to let you know about it and give you the opportunity to opt-in.)