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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Social Media

Does a Sloth Need Social Media for His Blog?

A look at the question of whether Zip and his blog need social media which gives the definitive answer of, "maybe," as well as pondering the pros and cons of social media in general.

So, I tried Google Keen…

Google Keen is a new project from Google's Area 120. With so many places to share content, will it be a Pinterest or Mix competitor, or will it go the way of Google plus?

The Beautiful Faces of the Vogue Challenge (and anime characters and cats?)

I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised. It is on the Internet, which loves memes and cats. People responded to the #VogueChallenge in droves and some of the results are astounding and breathtaking. But did some of the entries subtract a bit from the movement's intent?

Ways to Support Black Lives Matter and Oppose Racism With More than a Hashtag

Someone on social media criticizing others for continuing with business-as-usual and posts-as-scheduled instead of posting about Black Lives Matter incited my irritation. But it did do something useful: forcing me to look at what I was doing, and what I could do to help (in ways that involved more than hashtags.)
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