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Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Harold and Maude at 50: I, Too, Should Like to Change Into a Sunflower Most of All.

Harold and Maude with turn 50 this year (2021) on December 20. The "flower scene" with Maude's observation that she would, "like to change into a sunflower" most of all. is one of the best-loved scenes in Hal Ashby's 1971 cult classic about a young man obsesses with death and an elderly woman who encourages him to L-I-V-E.

Puppy Metta: Does Lovingkindness Meditation Work?

When starting metta -- lovingkindness -- meditation practice, it's helpful to start with someone easy to practice on first. A puppy fits this requirement perfectly! Here's a story about a perfect first metta practice subject and a look at the question of whether lovingkindness practice actually works.

Lists of Rules? Some Thoughts on Practicing Buddhist Precepts.

The five lay precepts of Buddhism are given more or less emphasis depending on one's tradition. But how strictly should they be followed? A few thoughts on the value of precepts.

It’s OK to Feel What You Feel

We've all experienced loss recently, in one form or another. Even if you are among the more fortunate, making yourself feel guilty for feeling your feelings is, ultimately, unhelpful.

Who is DukkhaGirl and Why is She Writing on this Blog?

I used to write a blog called DukkhaGirl years ago. I feel like I have to write a bit about that here as a few posts I'm going to write will refer to it. Here's what led me to quit writing it, and why I'm blogging again.
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