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Do you have something you’d like to share? A story?A recipe? Artwork? A funny story you’d like to share? A term for our Liminal Lexicon? You can add it to our collection.

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A few points on submitting a guest post:

We’d like to allow a wide variety of content. However, we can’t post everything we might get. Here are a few major points that you can read before you decide to log in and submit a post:

  • Currently, we are not paying for content. We’d like to do so in the future, but we do not have the budget for that, though we may revise this in the future if our budget allows, or we may consider some sort of awards system.
  • We reserve the right to refuse anything. We do review content before it goes “live” on the site at this point, and we may or may not edit for grammar and punctuation. We reserve the right to do so if we want and without asking you. But please make sure you’ve polished up as best you can before you submit it to us.
  • While we will publish content that we do not, personally, agree with, we may decline to post something that we know contains information that may be less than factual. Or, we reserve the right to put a disclaimer on something that says it does not represent the opinion of the editor(s) of this website. However, because something does NOT have the disclaimer does not mean we necessarily endorse or agree with it.
  • We will not accept sexually explicit stories, posts that promote hateful acts or speech, blatantly false medical information, or posts that incite self-harm.
  • If you are a regular contributor, you will eventually get the ability to publish without prior approval. However, posts are still subject to the same criteria and that is a privilege that can be revoked.
  • We also do not want posts that are outright advertising. If your article is promoting a product or business directly, consider supporting this website by paying for a sponsored post.
  • We’ll allow a link to your website and social media profiles in your bio. Regarding affiliate links: you may add affiliate links in your post as long as you disclose that there are affiliate links in your post at or near the beginning of your post, and as long as you add the rel=”sponsored” or “nofollow” tag to them. If you don’t know what this is, ask us, and we’ll advise.
  • While we’d love to post some of your art, we can’t use your first grader’s collection of refrigerator art (unless there’s something particularly funny about it.) Cat photos must be on the extreme edge of cuteness or humor.
  • We are accepting recipes now.
  • Ads may appear on the same page with your article unless it is a sponsored post.
  • Please consider taking the time to respond if you write here and someone comments on your post.
  • By posting something here you agree that you have the right to the content you are posting — that you created it and it’s free from contracts. I have some writing I’d love to repost, but I sold it elsewhere. If you are reposting something here make sure you submit the link to the original so we can tag that as canonical. We prefer original content but may consider reposts of some articles.
  • The same goes for recipes and terms.
  • We accept term submissions into our “liminal lexicon” glossary currently. We may add other glossaries in the future, but may or may not accept user-added content for those.