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Monday, April 12, 2021

A Big TED-Talk Listicle About Social Media

This is a big listicle of TED talks related to social media. It may eventually include some other (non-TED) videos.

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As I’m putting together this list of social media TED talks, I’m working on writing a post about social media. Specifically, social media as it applies to blogging — along with the inevitable question of whether the upsides of social media are worth the downsides.

During the process of writing that post, I went down the rabbit hole of looking at social media TED talks and started getting sucked into the YouTube vortex. So I’m compiling this list so I can watch the videos in small doses. Overwhelmingly, of course, the videos are about the harmful effects of social media, but some look at its positives.

I started compiling this list for my own use, but then decided to post it here. This isn’t ALL of the many TED talks about social media, but, possibly, most of them. As I mentioned, I haven’t yet watched them all, but I’ll likely come back and add some commentary as I get the chance to view each one. And I may add some extra videos to the mix, including non-TED talk videos.

Allison Graham: How Social Media Makes Us Unsocial

Is Social Media Hurting Your Mental Health: Bailey Parnell

At one point in this talk, Bailey Parnell talks in the language of “safe sex,” telling us that while she feels that we can no longer practice abstinence when it comes to social media, we can be “safe but social,” and lays out some strategies for a happier and less self-esteem-damaging online experience.

While I think her points are all good, there’s much more to say on the topic of ways to manage social media in ways that don’t hurt your sanity than can be said in a short TED talk. (And your friend just might need an explanation why you unfollowed her when you’re following Grumpy Cat.)

Social Media is Making Us Unsocial by Kristin Galucci

Addicted to Likes: Poppy Jamie

Why Social Media is Ruining Your Life: Katherine Ormerod

Quit Social Media: Dr. Cal Newport

Live in the Moment: Delete Social Media

Live in the Moment: Delete Social Media: Mayurakshi Ghosal

What You Are Missing While Being a Digital Zombie: Patrik Wincent

What I Learned from My Social Media Fast: Amber Quinney

The Impact of Social Media on Youth: Katanu Mbevi

Our Body Image and Social Media: Keisha and Teagan Simpson

Social Media Isn’t Even Real (Even if It Looks Like It Is)

Social Media Addiction: Leslie Coutterand

The Dark and Light of Social Media

How Social Media Shapes Identity: Ulrike Schultze

Wait! I had forgotten that Second Life exists! This interesting talk points out that, while we shape technologies they, in turn, shape us. However, she looks at this not through the social media channels I usually use but through Second Life. Still, she makes some good points about how technologies can shape our identities and how they can give us limited sets of options in that regard.

This is Your Brain on Social Media

The Role of Social Media in Our Lives

Social Media: The Ultimate Shame Game? Joanna Fortune

Social Media: The Double-Edged Sword

How Social Media Creates a Better World: Jan Rezab

A Fast Solution to Our Social Media Addiction

The Transformative Power of Social Media

Rebuilding Self-Esteem After an Addiction to Social Media

How Social Media Can Make History: Clay Shirkey

Facebook Fearless: How Social Media Can be Good for You

Reimagining the Way We Use Social Media

How do Social Media Images Affect Our Minds

How Craving Attention Makes You Less Creative: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Social Media Dystopia

What Happens When You Share Stories on Social Media: Ruth Page

Is Social Media Good for You: Cliff Lampe

The Right Way to Use Social Media: Paula La Croix

Building Brand: The Power of Social Media

What I Learned from a Social Media Detox

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Cheryl is a former Occupational Therapist and WordPress enthusiast who became a writer in some parallel universe and occasionally, but infrequently, publishes things in this one. She writes two blogs (or is it three) which she won't quit because she knows that blogs, in her case, are like a hydra and if she cuts one off two more will take its place. When she's not doing that, she enjoys hiking, cycling, kayaking (formerly fast, now ebike), messing around with Adobe illustrator, making assorted things, meditating (though she wouldn't call that "like," and reading. She normally doesn't speak about herself in the third person, but she sometimes uses "we" in the royal sense while writing this blog. She lives in Poulsbo, WA with her spouse, her youngest adult daughter, a very old mutt, and a Siamese cat.
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