About Points and Badges on Caffeine Journal

If you’re a customer or a logged-in member, you might notice something going on. Maybe you’re presented with points or a badge. What is this thing?

We have three types of points on this website that you might run into:


These are points that you get for participation and for being a good community member. Things like contributing content, getting your comments or forum posts voted up.

But what, you may ask, are these points good for?

Isn’t good karma a good thing on its own?

As you get good karma, you may get some badges awarded. For now, there aren’t any other rewards associated with karma except for these badges and the warm, fuzzy feeling they give you. But, eventually, we may run some promotions or contests or drawing based on these points. We’ll see.


Also known as “mental mocha.” These are for taking trivia quizzes and playing games. When you finish a trivia quiz, you may notice that there’s a link to get the badge. Clicking it gives you the badge and also awards a point for the quiz. That’s all clicking that link does, nothing else, but you need to click it to get the points. We also award badges for these points.

Magic Beans

Ahhh…those magic beans. They are good for something. At least if you like the stuff in our shop. Still, I wouldn’t trade the cow for them.

You get these awarded for purchases in the shop. They can be used to put toward payment for future purchases. What we have in stock in our shop varies from time to time. They, of course, cannot be put toward affiliate items we may list in our shop.

Other Badges and Things

We may add new badges from time to time, or institute new, internal point systems to award badges or ranks. New badges will show on your member profile. Points will show there, but only for you, not for everyone else.

And, at some point, we may start adding some of the real badges I make to the shop. These are totally separate from the virtual badges you get here on this website.