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  • Axinomancy Square Image
    Axinomancy is a form of divination involving reading the movements of an axe, typically interpreting the quivering of the blade or the swinging of the axe after it is thrown. Read More
  • Bouquet Garni
    Bouquet Garni
    A Bouquet Garni is a bunch of herbs tied together with a string, usually used to prepare soups and stews. Read More
  • Fernweh
    From German; Farsickness. The opposite of homesickness. The longing for far-off places; sometimes places you've never been. Read More
  • Frumious
    From the poem Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll, 1871. Meaning furious, fuming, angry. Read More
  • Liminal definition
    At a sensory boundary or threshold, a transitional state between one stage and the next as in the boundary between life and death. Read More
  • Sengcan
    Xin Xin Ming
    The Xin Xin Ming is a poem on Buddhist mind training practice commonly attributed to Sengcan, the 3rd Zen patriarch. Read More