You may have already seen the J Alfred Prufrock comic by Julian Peters. Now a YouTube channel has started setting them to narration. Here’s a bit more about it, along with the TS Eliot’s classic poem The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock…so you can follow along.

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Artist Julian Peters’ comics caught my eye years ago when I found his illustrations of TS Eliot’s The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock on his website. His black and white pictures, reminiscent of the Victorian era, were a perfect match for Eliot’s stream-of-consciousness poem (which incidentally was published when Eliot was only 22 years old — the poem seems to be written by someone having of a mid-life crisis.)

Most of Peters’ illustrations, like Prufrock, seems to reflect a sense of yesteryear, perhaps mixed with a hint of melancholy. Occasionally, however, he explores another style, such as when he covered When You are Old by Yeats, manga-style.

A YouTube channel called Jimz Vidiettes has now started a separate channel devoted to videos of readings accompanying Peters’ comics.

So far, he has covered many poems that have been illustrated by Peters, including — in addition to Prufrock — Dylan Thomas’ Do Not Go Gently and Anabelle Lee by Poe (the narration added to that one is the lovely voice of Basil Rathbone.)

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