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Friday, March 5, 2021
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DukkhaGirl was a blog I started in approximately 2009 when my older daughter took a cross-country moving RV trip with a friend and I had some extra time on my hands. Why not start a blog. I had fun writing about my perspectives on Buddhism and my struggles trying to do something called “practice” amidst the chaos of family life. I subtitled it “One Woman’s Search for Everything Here and Now and in Her Own Backyard,” eventually, mostly due to my reaction to “Eat, Pray, Love” which was sheer envy and travelust. But where can you really find peace and joy if NOT here and now and in your own backyard?

And I loved the interaction, that people, sometimes read this stuff, actually thought about it and commented on it. I learned some things along the way, too, both about Buddhism, about blogging, and about myself.

However, it was also around the time the economy changed. I was thrown back into full time work in a profession I actually wanted to change once my kids were a bit older, and that, combined with an older and ailing parent, a younger daughter having struggles and eventually getting diagnosed with autism, and my blog getting hacked caused me to quit the blog. (Yes, lots of dukkha!) Unfortunately, I discarded much of what I wrote with it.

But “Perlexity” took on a little life of her own. Some people saved her little drawings and snippets of what she wrote.  So she’s writing again here, not going fullblog because there is an inverse correlation between number of websites and quality of peace of mind. But she wants to write. So I’m giving her her own page here. Mostly about Buddhism — at least “her” thoughts on the subject, but sometimes about her own experiences as well.

Thanks for visiting.

Recent Dukkha and Sukkha:

Lists of Rules? Some Thoughts on Practicing Buddhist Precepts.

The five lay precepts of Buddhism are given more or less emphasis depending on one's tradition. But how strictly should they be followed? A few thoughts on the value of precepts.

On Climbing Back Out of Practice-Diverting Holes (And Avoiding Them in the First Place)

This is part of a post I wrote years ago that was saved to another website that I'm reclaiming and re-finishing. It's a little reflection on how we can be thrown off by various "holes" in our lives and how we can climb back out of them.

It’s OK to Feel What You Feel

We've all experienced loss recently, in one form or another. Even if you are among the more fortunate, making yourself feel guilty for feeling your feelings is, ultimately, unhelpful.

How To Make a Zafu

Zafus, or round meditation cushions, are easy to find commercially now. But if you like to sew and want to make your own, here's a pattern that I dredged up out of my archives. It's old, but it remains a good instruction sheet to sew your own.
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