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Thursday, May 6, 2021
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Sloth Makes a Blog

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Blog Basics

This is Mr. Sloth's Build-a-Blog Workshop, consisting of posts from the time Zip the Sloth first thinks about making a blog to launching his basic WordPress website. Step-by-step basics such as installing WordPress, writing posts, setting up plugins to take him (and you) from no blog to full blog.

Do you REALLY want to blog? 20 or More Things to Think About Before (and After) You Start

There are so many things Zip should think about before he starts blogging. But, meh, he's too tired. Let's wake him up and give him a bunch of advice in random order. Here's some things you should think about before -- and after-- you start blogging and some advice on good habits to get into right from the get-go.

Sloth is Master of His Own Domain (Name)

Before Zip installs WordPress, he should name his website and register a domain name! Why should he be master of his own domain (name)? Because, among other things, it gives his site the appearance of extra credibility. Here's some advice for naming a blog and how to register a domain name.

Sloth Searches for a Good Host…ing Provider: Choosing WordPress Hosting

Zip the sloth has chosen a domain name. But before he can get started on his great new website...someday...he will need to find a place to put that website. Let's give him some tips on choosing a good web hosting provider, types of hosting, and look at a few of the major ones.

Sloth Updates His DNS Settings

Zip the Sloth is ready to install WordPress! But his domain name refers to a dodgy splash page. Either before or after he installs WordPress he'll have to change his domain name servers so they point to his web hosting. He decides to do it now. Here's how.

Sloth Installs WordPress

Finally! Zip the Sloth is instaling WordPress to create his blog. Here's the tutorial on how to install WordPress -- both the lazy way (automatically, and the way I almost always do it now) and manually (which, of course, is more complicated.)

All in Sloth Makes a Blog

Does a Sloth Need Social Media for His Blog?

A look at the question of whether Zip and his blog need social media which gives the definitive answer of, "maybe," as well as pondering the pros and cons of social media in general.

Sloth Maintains His Website

Zip looks at his website and sees that it is urging him to update his WordPress version. Let's look at WordPress maintenance, including WordPress version updates as well as theme and plugin updates, both automatic and manual.

Sloth Sets up Google Site Kit

Zip has installed Google Analytics and also configured it via Google Tag Manager. Let's take a look at Google Site Kit, its advantages and disadvantages, and how to install it.
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