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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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How to Type Commonly Used Accents on Windows 10 International Keyboard (Including a Cheat Sheet for French Accents)

One thing that I found frustrating when learning French was having to type a bunch of accents on the keyboard. Using the international keyboard is really not too hard, and after a while you can easily commit the keys to memory. But at first, it was très difficile so I created a cheat sheet. Here it is, along with some advice about using the international keyboard and a refresher on French accents.

Can Language Learning in Our Later Years Help Stave Off Dementia?

It's a likable notion that learning a foreign language might help stave off cognitive decline and dementia in our senior years. But is it true? Studies suggest positive benefits to bilingualism in old age but are generally small and inconclusive. Still, there are intrinsic benefits to learning a second language.

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