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Saturday, February 27, 2021
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You Have Installed WordPress What Now



Sloth Sets up Google Site Kit

Zip has installed Google Analytics and also configured it via Google Tag Manager. Let's take a look at Google Site Kit, its advantages and disadvantages, and how to install it.

Should a Sloth Consider Enabling Google Analytics 4?

Zip has installed Google Analytics. But what's this? He now sees a banner in his analytics account informing him about a NEW thing called Google Analytics 4. He thought he was done. Oh...you're NEVER done! Should he enable GA4? Here are some thoughts on the matter and how to proceed.

Sloth Gets Secure (Adding AN SSL Certificate to Your Website)

Let's get rid of that annoying Not Secure warning and add some security by adding an SSL certificate to Slothverse.com. Here's how to add a free Let's Encrypt SSL certificate in WordPress.

Sloth Gets Categorical (Or, At least, He Adds Some Categories to His Blog)

While you can add categories on the fly as you write posts, it will be helpful for Zip (and for you) to think about your site structure right away. Let's look at adding categories in WordPress as Zip adds some to his new blog.

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