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DukkhaGirl Comics

In the early 2010s, I started scribbling out a few cartoons mostly to illustrate some frustrations about, and thoughts on, meditation practice. Somehow, the Internet saved a couple for me -- thank you WQ. I'm posting them as I consider to start taking up my pencils (or computer pen, I'm not sure yet) and scribbling again.

Perplexity is my not-so-super-secret identity. Dukkha is my superpower. Making myself suffer that is. I'm DukkhaGirl. (Actually, now I'm Dukkha-middle-aged-woman, but that doesn't sound as good.) I'm concerned with questions of happiness wellness, self-help, and the like; if and when I do start scribbling again, it will likely be not just about Buddhism; it will be about whatever inspires me or frustrates me on this journey: meditation, introversion, aging. Some of it may be funny, but I may scribble some based on parts of my life -- and not all of that is laughable. Writing isn't always easy. For me, drawing is harder, but it can be therapeutic.

We'll see what happens...

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