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Caffeine Journal FAQ

Membership and User Registration

Why register on Caffeine Journal?

Likely, you just came here wanting to read a post or you’re bored and are looking for new things to browse.

However, we accept user-contributed content, both posts, and recipes, and have therefore made membership an option.

If you’d like to submit content, you need to register. That allows us to attribute your content to you when we approve it.

Since we allow registration, we’ve decided to go “all the way” and add additional features on for logged-in users. If you’re registered, you can:

  • Customize your profile, including your avatar and a cover image (with the option of choosing one from Unsplash.)
  • Easily view posts you’ve published.
  • Save recipes to your “recipe box” for later.
  • Collect and view badges for trivia quizzes you’ve completed or anything else we decide to add a badge book (I didn’t get enough as a girl scout now and am making up for it.)
  • Follow other logged in members and post authors.
  • We also have group functionality, but at the moment are not hosting any groups.
  • You can also write additional posts or recipes right from your profile.
  • Commenting as a logged-in user allows you to associate your comments with your profile, view your comments, and allow other people to follow your comments.

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