About Caffeine! Journal

Caffeine Journal

Yes, the exclamation point is intentional. It’s that kick you get with that first cup of coffee in the morning.

Caffeine Journal is the blog that I often write with that morning cup of coffee. Not a journal about caffeine, but a the journal I write whilst I take in the caffeine.

It’s a journal that its author or, eventually (and hopefully) its contributors have found enjoyable, interesting, boredom-busting, or otherwise a good way to spend (or waste) time. Things that, perhaps, energize the mind like a good cup of coffee. Or not.

It’s usually a rule of thumb that niche blogs do best. This is the opposite of a niche blog. Is there such a thing as a COVID blog? I wonder how many blogs and babies will spring from COVID-imposed isolation.

I was (and am) writing a travel and local blog and events calendar. I still like that blog and thoroughly plan to continue writing it. However, I’ve often found myself wanting to write about things that did not belong there, and that, likely, did not interest subscribers. It also became temporarily difficult for me to write about travel destinations when I wasn’t sure when the next time I’d step on a plane would be (and started questioning the environmental ethics of too much travel.) I also have another pet project going — about WordPress and am enjoying that as well. But I’m finding that being able to get up and have a place to blog about whatever inspires, aggravates, or interests me that day — whether it’s something funny I found, a movie I watched, or a trivia quiz — is making me start to enjoy writing again. I’m starting to feel motivated to go back and start writing those travel posts I’ve been putting off.

What I’d like to achieve here is a mix of content from the humorous, to the serious, from cute animals to history to culture—hopefully, something to look forward to writing — and to reading — in the morning.

Wake up…and smell the coffee! Mmmmm.