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Monday, April 12, 2021


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It's not about caffeine. Just written with a hefty dose.

Caffeine Journal is a multi-purpose blog. You might find anything here from definitions of unusual words to craft projects to strange holidays. I created it in the early days as a pandemic as I was tempted to start posting things that weren’t related to the topic of my primary blog. I wanted to write about writing on one day, meditation the next, and that craft project that turned out well on yet another day.

“Well,” you might ask, “aren’t there many places on the Internet that you can do this thing?” The answer, of course, is “yes,” but I like having my own blog, designing pages, etc. It’s satisfying for me even though it takes a lot of work. And this blog is open to others as well, if you’d like yet another place to post stuff.

Of course, one can have too many blogs. I also started writing about the process of creating a blog in WordPress on Love.Coffee.WordPress., but after a serious discussion with my inner self, I realized that, while I want to continue that project, it’s just one blog too many. So you’ll start finding WordPress posts here as well as I move content from that blog onto this website.

I’m also adding a small shop here for fun. I make stickers, mugs, embroidered patches and the like and plan to offer a few items for sale here and on my Etsy shop.

Blogging is an adventure — one that’s sometimes frustrating and can take time, but one that’s fun and rewarding as well. I hope you’ll share it with me. With or without the coffee.



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