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Friday, March 5, 2021
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Print That Pegboard! (Or, at least the accessories.)

I converted our dual-use guest room into a craft area. First thing to do: get a pegboard! If you have a 3D printer, it's a great tool for printing custom accessories. Here are some of the ones I've found to be best.

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Pegboards and 3D printers are the perfect pair! If you have a pegboard in your garage or — like me — your craft/office/guest room area, and you have a 3D printer, here are some of the best 3D print pegboard accessories that I’ve found. I’m not done with my pegboard area (yet) and it’s a bit of a mess…but it’s been great for keeping stuff at hand and yet out of the way.

But first, the pegboard!

Of course, I did not print the pegboard. But I love how it turned out. The pegboard consists of 3 out of the 4 panels in this set of Triton Products Pegboard panels from Amazon. The three panels are the same length as my 6′ workbench. This means I still have one panel leftover, which is going on the wall on the side of the desk.

After we hung the three panels behind the workbench (you’ll need pegboard mounting hardware to do it. The one pack of 15 wasn’t quite enough and I had to buy a second pack to get all three panels up securely), I used Gorilla Wood Glue to attach a window casing set like this one from Home Depot. It was important to find a kit that had very small corner blocks. 

Could I have used a miter saw to cut the edges? Sure, but this was simpler and I liked the look. The trim has stayed in place nicely, but holding it in place was a bit of a challenge. I ended up using a combination of mini quick-grip clamps, and small spring clamps. They were a bit hard to wedge between the wall and the pegboard, but it worked.

And some pegboard accessories I did NOT 3D print:

Before I set out printing, I bought a few things. Namely this World Axiom pegboard set of metal hooks, cups, and jars to jump-start my pegboard project.

Metal hooks are a must-have and, while you can 3D print some hooks, I feel more confident in the metal ones to hold up some items.

And I like the jars for small items: safety pins, extra bobbins, etc. But I will note that you can print lids like these that you can attach to baby food jars to make your own. But different jars are different sizes and I’m about 19 years out from having a baby in the house, so no jars. And I spent quite a while trying to perfect a TPU lid for something once and didn’t feel like it for this.

I also added some shelf brackets and shelf panels. The Rubbermaid 8″ deep shelves from Home Depot were light enough to be held up by brackets and not too deep as to be overwhelming — depending on where I placed them. They’ve also been strong enough to hold up a very small printer1

And, of course, I didn’t print the Kit-Kat Clock, the blue clock (one’s going elsewhere eventually), or the Namaste sign. Or the Anne Taintor calendar, which is an annual requirement! My daughter DID 3D print me Duo, who is there to scowl at me and remind me to practice my French (as if his incessant teary emails aren’t enough) but he’s not a pegboard accessory.

In case you’re wondering, I printed all of these things with the Filacube Mint Blue PLA Filament. It has a nice robin-egg blue kind of color and, for most things, has printed nicely at a temperature of about 210-220.

3D Print Pegboard Accessories

The Manhattan Pegboard Collection: Bottle, scissors, and accessory holders.

I’m starting here because I printed many different things from the Manhattan Pegboard Collection. It’s not just one “thing,” it’s a bunch of files that you can customize to whatever size you want.

The set includes a wedge type shelf — you can see my tiny accidental one to the right in the photos, along with another one of my Manhattan Pegboard Project accidents and one of the little green aliens that long ago infested my home after a Disney trip and just keep appearing. It also includes round and rectangular holders, as well as round holders for pens, screwdrivers or tools. Those will need to be next up on my list.

I created the spray bottle holders from this set, as well as a document holder, and the scissors holder that you can see in the large image for this post.

How to customize the Manhattan Pegboard Collection accessories

The download comes with STL files — but you won’t be able to easily customize these. To customize the items, you need to download and install OpenSCAD — a free 3D CAD modeling program. From there, you can find the variables to set to customize the size of your object.

Customizing an item from the Manhattan Pegboard Collection in OpenSCAD.

After that, you select the “STL” button at the top to export your STL file to use in your slicer.

Cricut Tool Holder

You can find other 3D print organizers for Cricut accessories, but this one was remixed for use on a pegboard and works out great for keeping blades and tools organized and ready. Much better than throwing them in a drawer!

This organizer printed perfectly the first time. You can see I have some finishing or sanding to do on these things (or so my daughter tells me; I’m fine with them as-is.)

Tape Measure Holder

This 3D print tape measure holder fits my 25′ tape measure perfectly. If you use a smaller one, you might also be able to fit a sewing tape measure in there, too.

SD Card Holder

If you like cameras, drones, gadgets…you might end up with a lot of SD cards. Right now, mine’s pretty empty, but I’m sure it will fill up again. This pegboard 3D print SD cardholder is a great way to keep those cards, USB sticks, microSD cards all in one place.

Spool Holders

When I was doing a lot of sewing and machine embroidery during this holiday season, I sometimes ended up with way too much thread sitting on my table. Enter the 3D print pegboard thread spool holders. I can take out the thread colors I need, both spools and bobbins, and keep them out of the way but still in reach until I need them.

USB Cord Holders

The USB cord holders keep my cords handy but off the work surface. For long ones, I printed these clips to keep them under control.

Post-It Note Holder

While you can use the Manhattan Pegboard Collection (see above) to print a container for your post-it-notes, this 3D printable post-it-note holder for pegboards is specifically for post-it notes, and dispenses them nicely. I will point out, for some reason, that I had more trouble with interior stringing with this item than with other things I’ve printed with the same filament.

The Pincushion

I wanted a place nearby, but that wasn’t on the table, to stick pins when I was sewing during the holiday season. So I used the Manhattan Pegboard collection to print a shallow round holder and sewed a little pincushion to go inside of it. It’s worked out perfectly!

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References and Footnotes
  1. The one pictured here is the HP DeskJet 3752. I like it for its size, but the thing does not want to maintain a wi-fi connection![]
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