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How to Type Commonly Used Accents on Windows 10 International Keyboard (Including a Cheat Sheet for French Accents)

One thing that I found frustrating when learning French was having to type a bunch of accents on the keyboard. Using the international keyboard is really not too hard, and after a while you can easily commit the keys to memory. But at first, it was très difficile so I created a cheat sheet. Here it is, along with some advice about using the international keyboard and a refresher on French accents.

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The Sandman Audible Version May Bring New Readers to an Old Series

Audible recently released a voice-acted audio version of Neil Gaiman's popular and acclaimed graphic novel series The Sandman. Should you listen to it? Even if you've never read the graphic novels, if you like Neil Gaiman, "dark fantasy," or horror, you'll probably love it. If that doesn't describe you this audiobook, like the graphic novels, is probably not for you.

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